Badoobie Stoner Humidor 4000

Our Badoobie Stoner Humidor 4000 is the kit that keeps your stash sticky. 

"Oh my, my, my/I'm feeling high/My money's gone/I'm all alone" -EB

It's complete with the following: an EB monogrammed wood grinder, a wood dugout with an aluminum one hitter, a 6 in. x 6 in. organic banana leaf tray, hemp rolling papers, 2 Badoobie tubes, a monogrammed ashtray, and a 2.75 oz. cylindrical stash jar with an air-tight seal. 

Each Badoobie Stoner Humidor 4000 was hand packed, curated and sourced by Badu herself and comes enclosed in a vintage, custom wooden box. Badu topped it off with a red wax scarab seal of approval. 

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