Baduizm 25th Anniversary

February 11 marks the 25th anniversary of Baduizm, Erykah Badu’s award-winning debut album. It included singles like “On & On” and “Otherside of the Game,” both of which shifted popular culture and gave a ripe perspective on consciousness for the new millennium. 

“Most of Baduizm was written before I signed,” Badu said to Billboard in 2017. “Sonically [the demo] was just right for me. It was the way I wanted it to sound: very raw and underproduced.” The sound has been minted as classic—from the jazzy piano chords to the soft, sweeping percussion. Working with familiar producers on a style she collected throughout her years as a music fan and stage lover, she helped bring Dallas’ flavor to the main stage. Of course, the most important instrument of all is Badu’s cool, clear voice that laces each track. 

It is not routine that artists come to us fully formed. Early in musicians’ careers, it’s common (and accepted) for them to explore an array of philosophies, styles, and approaches to the craft. Once in a blue moon though, there are gems that arrive evolved and ready to share their distinct wisdom. Badu is one of those stars.

Though she has transformed in the decades since her initial release, her signature flavor has never left the hearts of the masses. For that, we are grateful. 

In honor of the anniversary and Badu's birthday (February 26), Badu World Market is unveiling crewnecks, sweatshirts, and tees that feature a design by Jackie Musial.

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