Moyo By Bibi

A few years ago, Kenyan designer BiBi Ahmed sent Badu early forms of the beaded, African cuffs that are now available on Badu World Market. BiBi continued to send Badu customized items, one of which was a beaded hat that read “SHE ILL,” a moniker Badu has taken on for herself. 

Badu was moved by the artist’s generosity, talent, and sensibility, and knew that when the time came, she wanted to include her in this special project.

“I met her on Instagram,” Badu said, which is how she’s met the majority of the creatives she’s decided to work with for Badu World Market. “I was like wow, she’s doing it, and doing it fast, too,” the singer said excitedly. BiBi then sent over beaded cuffs, which Badu says quickly became her favorite accessory. 

Now, the designer is sharing one-of-a-kind cuffs through the online market. 

Watch the clip to learn more about BiBi Ahmed.

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